Mary Plaster
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I am an independent mixed-media artist, art facilitator, and creative coach living on Spirit Mountain near Duluth, Minnesota, USA. 

My work includes huge lightweight sculptures (suitable for conferences, demonstrations, parades and other gatherings), masks, giant puppets, paintings/icons/prints, murals, photography, costumes, and bead jewelry.  

Also available for presentations, art facilitation and creative soul companionship.

My most recent work includes:

Organizing 7th annual Duluth All Souls Night 

Puppets on Pilgrimage - Four Larger-than-Life Ladies on a journey to Grace Cathedral in San Francisco for 'The Cosmic Mass: Return of the Divine Feminine' with Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox on June 28th

40th MayDay Festival and Parade artistic staff in Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Pushmi-Pullyu" for the production of Doctor Dolittle with Eden Prairie Players

Please contact me by email if you would like to inquire about my work, I appreciate your interest and support!
                   Mary Plaster, D.Min.
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Puppets on Pilgrimage 
The Divine Ladies 
40th Minneapolis MayDay Festival & Parade
          Pushmi-Pullyu in
         Doctor Dolittle

Banner Photo: Four divine larger-than-life ladies (part of my Dancing Icon series of giant puppets), who went on pilgrimage to Grace Cathedral in San Francisco summer of 2014 for The Cosmic Mass (TCM): Return of the Divine Feminine, on June 28th at the invitation of Matthew Fox, theologian and author of Original Blessing and more than 30 other books on Creation Spirituality. They include Mother Jones as St. Hildegard of Bingen, Rosa Parks as the Black Madonna, Frida Kahlo as Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring (1962). Pictured here in front of Mt. Rushmore on the way to California.